18 Aug 2016

Previous Olympics Evolution of Logos

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Branding is everything, especially when it comes to the Olympics. The Olympics only come around every four years for summer and winter sports, so the branding needs to be on-point and recognizable.

Since the Olympics is held somewhere different from the previous year, the branding and design can become quite difficult. Why? Because the logo needs to represent the host city as well as capture what that city stands for most without being too stereotypical.

The logos used for the winter and summer Olympics have always been utilized for branding purposes. It’s branded at the various venues that host the events in that city, gear, equipment, apparel, and television. TV is the biggest branding platform because everyone binge watches the Olympics since they’re only on every four years.

Looking into the logos from the previous Olympics it’s pretty neat to see how different the branding is across the board. Of course the branding differs because of the location its being held in, but from London Summer games to Rio Summer games the logos are significantly different. London’s logo was more historic and elegant. Rio took a totally different approach by dropping that same outline shape and went for a more modern aspect. The overlapping colors in a pebble shape with the simple word “RIO” in a safari type font.

Why is it important for the branding to stick out and be represented well?

It’s important because that logo will be branded on everything during the Olympics. The Olympics only comes around so often, so they want to make it memorable.

As for local businesses and companies to carry these aspects into their branding, it’s important for them to understand what’s the purpose of their business, who’s their audience, and where they’re located. The logo design should reflect the company and someone viewing it should be able to tell who they are and what they do by just looking at it. If you can’t, you might want to consider rebranding because the brand sells itself.

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