31 Mar 2017

Ambient marketing is, easily, one of the most creative forms of marketing. Sometimes referred to as “Guerrilla Marketing” due to its “in your face” feeling, this form of marketing is an amazing way to get your brand seen. Ambient marketing, really, makes your brand hard to ignore.

Quality signs and banners are the keystones of a successful ambient marketing campaign. Ensuring that you have the highest quality signs and banners are easy when you partner with Quality Signs and Banners in Tulsa. Specializing in durable banners and graphics Quality Signs and Banners in Tulsa is the answer to your ambient marketing needs. If you’re not sure where to begin your marketing campaign, Quality Signs and Banners in Tulsa gathered ten of our favorite advertisements to spark your imagination.

Windex Ad
Agency Unknown

Lays Potato Chips
Advertising Agency: Juniper Park, Toronto, Canada

Carrot Wrap Trees
Advertising Agency: Owen Jones & Partners, Portland, OR

Dental Insurance Bowling Lanes
Advertising concept by Jung von Matt, Hamburg, Germany

Watch Bus Handle
Advertisement designed by Jung von Matt/Alster for watchmaker IWC
Colgate Toothbrush Popsicle Stick
Advertising for Colgate by Y&R, Bangkok, Thailand
Yoga Straw
Advertisement in Hong Kong for a Yoga School
Denver Water Conveyor Belt
Denver Water
Yuzu Sushi
Yuzu Sushi

Homer Movie Escalator
Creatives: Gabriel Queiroz, Ricardo Balbin

Eye catching and awe-inspiring ambient marketing relay your message while being a memorable advertisement. Don’t forget: for all of your sign and banner needs, Quality Signs and Banners in Tulsa has you covered.

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