25 Aug 2015

Tulsa Quality Signs and Banners- Rose District

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Tulsa Quality Signs and Banners- Rose District

Tulsa Quality Signs and Banners- There is a lot happening in the Broken Arrow area surrounding The Rose District. There are many events to attend and get involved with weekly.

The Rose District in Broken Arrow is the place for arts and entertainment in the area. There has been recent physical changes to the district and it’s the place to host different weekly events. Want to get involved?

Fitness Camp

The Rose District hosts a Stronger [U] Fitness camp twice a week. Since the kick-off on July 13, this fitness program runs every Monday and Wednesday. The program is held by two organizations: The City of Broken Arrow and The H [U] B gym. The exercise doesn’t require any previous training, but welcomes all ages and skill levels for a great sweat session. The classes are held at the Farmer’s Market Plaza from 6 PM to 7 PM on the respective days.

The various workouts will incorporate different functions of the body such as body movements, flexibility and training of all levels. Stronger [U] is a free fitness boot camp that will put a challenge into your workout routine. You will require to bring a towel, water bottle and willingness to transform your body. Come out for a wonderful evening of working out.

Farmers Market

The Rose District holds the Farmers Market everything Saturday from 8 AM to Noon now until September 26, 2015. You will be able to find freshly grown crop at the market. During the spring, you will be able to shop local asparagus, kale, lettuce, parley, cilantro, spinach and other early vegetables of the season. The other seasonal veggies at the market will be zucchini, onions, tomatoes, corn and blueberries.

Throughout the market, you can view crops from over 40 vendors that participate. Each vendor is unique from the vendor beside them. A unique shopping experience could include the Asian spinach that is available during the hot summer months. If you’re a grower yourself and like having homegrown veggies at home, you can purchase several varieties of plants and seeds.

Along with vegetables, you can find the freshest local baked goods. There will be varieties of gluten-free or regular Amish bread and cinnamon rolls, as well as honey, eggs and meat.

Project 8

Every Friday night now until December 18, you can experience Project 8. Project 8 is a shop late program at the Rose District. It includes stores and restaurants that stay open late for a weekend treat of dining and shopping. This weekly events features trendy restaurants and late night shopping for a fun and unique experience for the night owls. Some of the participating businesses are Fiesta Mambo, In The Raw, Nouveau, Main Street Tavern and a couple others.

Visit the Rose District for early Saturday mornings, weekday fitness or late Friday nights for shopping and dining experience.

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