10 Sep 2015

Best Tulsa Vehicle Wraps- Advertise On the Go

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Best Tulsa Vehicle Wraps- Advertise On the Go

With the best Tulsa vehicle wraps, your company will be able to advertise on the go.

There are many benefits and perks as to why vehicle wraps are a great investment, especially towards your advertising campaign. What’s better than having advertising 24-7 for one cost?

A vehicle wrap is designed with your company’s logo, outlook and message that replicates the business overall brand. Once the design is made into a vinyl, then the process of applying it to the vehicle takes place. The wrap job will appear as a paint job, but it’s because it is precisely placed without any bubbles or ripples.

Different questions may arise when considering a vehicle wrap: “Are they effective?” Or “How is it applied?”

The Wrap Effectiveness

Investing in a vehicle wrap for your business is one of the best ways to advertise today. It is the most effective form of advertising in today’s market. It’s one of the most scene advertisements because your vehicle is constantly being seen by thousands of other drivers daily. Whether you’re driving to work every morning on the same route or taking a family vacation, it will be seen anywhere you drive it without pushing it into a customer’s face.

With being one of the more creative advertising mechanisms, your approach and design needs to display exactly how you want customers to react. Having your logo and contact information on the wrap will remind people of your brand and what you do.

Some of the benefits that the wrap provides opposed to other advertising methods are:

  • Americans typically travel at least 300 miles in a week
  • One vehicle wrap can generate over 30,000 impressions daily
  • Mobile advertising is more effective and cost efficient compared to the traditional methods reaching consumers at a lower CPM
  • Beneficial when product launch, event marketing purposes and boost brand/ name recognition

Since 2003, transit advertising has grown to the second largest segment of outdoor advertising. In the advertising industry, Outdoor Advertising industry had doubled in revenue since 1993 to 2003 by over a billion dollars. Since then, these numbers have increased because other traditional forms such as billboards and paper ads are going out of style.


The application process can take a couple days because of the intricate creases and curves on the vehicle. Everything needs to be considered such as the windows, gas cover, door handles, opening doors and lights.

The graphics are printed on large format printers to fit and insure the best color quality is presented. The vinyl materials are laid out and applied to the vehicle very precisely. In order for this to run smoothly, there is experience and knowledge in the field. The process continues with wrapping the entire vehicle including windows, bumpers and every square inch.

If your company attends multiple events, hosts events or drives around to different clients, a vehicle wrap would be a great investment. You will be noticed 24/7!

Now that’s a wrap!

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