04 Aug 2015

Tulsa Banners- Leadership Broken Arrow

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Tulsa Banners- Leadership Broken Arrow

Tulsa Banners- The area of Broken Arrow is the “family town” and it prides itself on providing residents with an outstanding quality of life.

With a growing population and growing community, the leadership in Broken Arrow relies on the community and the Chamber of Commerce. Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce provides a program called Leadership Broken Arrow.

The program is projected to develop and nurture a dedicated group of citizens who will contribute to the energy of the city by being active within the community along with participating in business, political, social, charitable and educational events.

Being active within the community will only help it improve and enhance it. Sometimes the events to help improve the community are based on a whole and sometimes are appointed to individuals. For example, if there is an issue that the community can come together and fix or if a family is struggling due to a loss of a job or extended medical bills, the LBA will try and help.

The Chamber of Commerce always seeks new volunteers and leaders for roles in the community of Broken Arrow. These certain leaders and volunteers show great qualities by providing different ways to serve the area and the people. Anything to make the community stronger, more educated and built around family is a positive move.

Education is a high priority in the community. The Leadership Broken Arrow program values the past, present and future of this community. In order to draw more awareness towards education on the history of the area, the program takes those through the steps.

Each leader and volunteer shines through unique leadership skills and talents. These skills and talents enables the community to grow.

Local businesses such as Quality Signs and Banners and public schools benefit from the LBA through their community involvement. When the leadership and volunteerism kicks in, the local businesses and public schools are capable of holding events, supportive funds and all around building the place to be restored.

How do you get involved? The program starts with a one session orientation, along with nine full-day sessions. These sessions take place between September and May. Times may vary but they typically meet for a normal workday (8 AM to 4:30 PM) on the second Thursday of each month.

What education is involved? These sessions incorporate guest speakers, experts in the fields of interest, local area tours to different spots, group visits based on community missions, leadership training, participation and networking opportunities.

How much will it cost? The Leadership Broken Arrow program has a tuition of $525.00. This fee includes materials, breakfast, lunch and other administrative costs.

When is graduation? Commitment is a huge deal in LBA and graduating with a leadership role in the community is a great pledge. In order to graduate, LBA requires a minimum of eight monthly sessions and the kick-off orientation class.

The community of BA is focused on developing a better place to live, work and learn. Be a part of the community and start your involvement today!

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