19 Apr 2016

Tulsa Real Estate Signs – The Design Aspect

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Tulsa Real Estate Signs – The Design Aspect

Designing is a huge aspect for advertising, especially when advertising a home for sale. Having that physical and mental connection with the design can either draw you in or steer you away. With the help from Quality Signs and Banners, your Tulsa real estate signs will shine.

Tulsa real estate signs are designed for various advertising purposes such as having an apartment for lease, a property to sell or hosting an open house for the community to see. When you’re advertising these signs, it’s important to consider the elements that will make it effective and able to grab someone’s attention.

Here are some steps to take when designing and creating an effective Tulsa real estate sign.

  1. Determining the purpose of the sign comes first. You will want to consider if it’s for advertising purposes, selling purposes or to inform someone that passes by.
  2. The message is one of the most important items that gets built into the design of the sign. Think about what the customer or passerby would be thinking while reading it. It should encompass a message towards a call-to-action.
  3. The size of the sign needs to be taken into consideration as well. If you’re displaying in a window versus a busy street, you’ll want to choose wisely since there will be graphics and contact information displayed on the signs.
  4. Grab the attention of the customer. This could simply mean through larger fonts, colors, or graphics. An attention grabber could also be a message that demonstrates benefits or perks.
  5. Leaving a good impression is conveying a message that people are interested in. Keeping it simple and tasteful.
  6. The information needs to be relevant to what the sign is proposing such as an open house including dates, times, and other important material. Items such as the number of bedrooms or office space is a great detail to advertise on the Tulsa real estate sign.
  7. Consistency is key. Keeping the sign design consistent with information and graphics will make your brand/ company more recognizable.
  8. Accessorizing is okay when you’re displaying your real estate signs in the yard or hanging them up. Consider using colorful balloons or brochures attached to the sign for people to grab and take with them.

When you’re trying to sell a property or lease one, it’s important to highlight some of the best features of that home or office such as a renovated kitchen or multiple bathrooms. The design should capture their attention with the information to follow.

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