30 Nov 2015

Tulsa Vehicle Wraps- Brand Recognition

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Tulsa Vehicle Wraps- Brand Recognition

Tulsa Vehicle Wraps- You’ve seen them driving down the street or on the highway. They are usually on buses or vans and sometimes trucks. Quality Signs and Banners offer these neat little additions that you can use with your advertising model to spread the word in a silent manner.

Vehicle wraps work in various ways that can get your brand noticed. Whether you’re driving for work or on a family vacation, your company will be seen where ever you travel. So you can advertise while you work.

Since these vehicle wraps are a growing market for various vehicles, other than buses, you can bring something a little unique to your car. Using bright colors and your catchy logo with some messages, your vehicle will be seen by anyone who is out doing errands or working. People will read it when they are stuck in traffic or at a stop light. Slowly your company maybe known for the one with the awesome vehicle, and that is not a bad thing. It provides a great tool for logo and brand recognition for your local market.

It is a passive way to shout about your company. You basically are multi-tasking without any more energy or money being sucked up. You drive around and do your job or even when it is parked and you’re inside grabbing a bite to eat, it’s being viewed.

Vehicle wraps aren’t just unique looking, they are also cost effective. Advertising is just space being rented in order to promote your brand. Whether it is a newspaper, billboard or bench ads, you’re paying to reserve that space over and over again. Printing off fliers or larger printed material can get costly. With a Tulsa vehicle wrap, you pay a one-time fee and it can get you more exposure worth a lifetime. Without having to spend a ton of money or time you can get your business’ name out there and among the people. Once your brand is in the mind of the people the next step is just providing a quality service or product.

Some research shows sales increases for the companies using this clever form of advertising. Granted most advertising will see an increase in sale, but with tens of thousands of viewers who are seeing your ad every day, you can’t help but see a boost. Number wise, they may even be better than a commercial. The last several years have seen a rise in streaming shows and movies which is eating away at viewers of average television commercials. However, just about everyone goes outside. Whether you are driving, walking or sitting around you will see these mobile bill boards pass by.

Quality Signs and Banners can help any company big or small get in on the vehicle advertising game. We will be with you every step of the way from design to print. Bring in a work in progress or have us start from scratch.

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