03 May 2016

Tulsa Vinyl Graphics – The Surface Application

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Tulsa Vinyl Graphics – The Surface Application

Many questions arise when wanting to place a Tulsa vinyl graphic or multiple vinyl graphics on an interior wall of a restaurant, retail store or business. There is a method how to apply the graphic to the surface and what makes the best wall decal.

With vinyl graphics, there are different types that are meant for walls, floors, and windows. Depending on the surface, the right vinyl on the right surface will achieve the best look! Certain types of interior walls differ as well such as textured, painted or just dirty walls that need cleaned will decide which decal you will want/ need.

Interior Removable Vinyl

Our Tulsa vinyl graphics offers the top-quality vinyl you need with a matte finish and an adhesive back. Rather than gluing or taping the vinyl to the interior wall, the adhesive creates a clean and professional appearance.

  • A matte finish in an interior setting looks the best under the lighting. It’s recommended as the standard wall decal to use on your interior walls. The matte finishing allows for easy removal compared to a glossy or shiny vinyl.
  • As for color choice, there are many colors to pick from in order to match your theme, setting, and brand.

Having a Textured Wall

It only makes sense that having a textured wall makes it a little tough to apply the adhesive decal. With a rougher wall surface, it makes it harder for the bond to be there.

  • Is it possible? It is very possible to stick a vinyl graphic onto a textured wall, but it might not stick or appear as smooth as it would on a flat surface.
  • What about wallpaper? Typically, our Tulsa vinyl graphics will work on wallpaper, but it might not have as long as a lifetime. If the wallpaper features a texture or porous surface, it might make it difficult to achieve the vinyl graphic onto that particular wall setting.

Interior Setting

Having different types of paints on the walls can make for a different result or even a challenge. Most businesses will use an enamel or latex paint, which is the most successful.

  • What’s the best paint? The best paint to display a wall decal is an enamel paint because it’s very smooth for the decal to stick to the surface.
  • Green or Zero VOC paints? Between the two, the zero VOC or VOC free paint will not allow the vinyl graphic to stick friendly to the wall. It might at first, but it will start to drape or fall. This happens because it isn’t compatible with the latex paint.

If your company is looking for vinyl graphics to showcase your brand, special or quote, Tulsa vinyl graphics can make that happen!

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